Fond of Your Blonde

Want to stay fond of your blonde ? Well here’s how!

First and foremost , unless you are genetically blessed with natural ice blonde hair , then chances are your like the rest of us and have to colour it and more importantly , maintain it frequently.

The day you get your hair done should feel like the best day ever , and no joke , afterwards , feel like you could literally face anything and do anything ! You are like a gazillion times more productive dare I say – wonder womanesque!!

However this isn’t always the case , sometimes you go spend your hard earned cash and leave feeling conned out of your money , angry and with hair you instantly want redone.

Not good is it ?

At Catwalk we pride ourselves on our consultations , we cover your history , your current hair

products , your expectations and more importantly whether we can genuinely meet them.

We will sit with you face to face and listen to exactly what you would like to achieve.

No Damage to Blonde Hair – whether you are highlighting or doing a full bleach scalp , for me the only way to protect your hair 100% is to always always always use Olaplex – its not a gimmick folks , it is a three-step process that includes a patented active ingredient that works on a molecular level to seek out broken bonds in the hair that are caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage – it basically restores compromised hair . The No. 1 Olaplex is added to your colour before

application to your hair, No 2 is used at the basin as a 20 minute conditioning treatment and No3 is a take home weekly treatment. (see pictures for hair coloured with and without olaplex!)

Have you ever wondered why you see blondes with pink hues , purple hues , creamy blonde hue , ice white looks ? Yet yours always ends up dull and lifeless even thou you’ve just coloured it ??

Well Its down to the professional Toner used after colouring hair – Wella have excitedly newly

launched The Opal-Essence by Illumina Color Toners.

These are a new shade family of five opalescent no-depth shades, to give a metallic milky sheen with warm and cool light reflections. They come in 5 colours , Silver Mauve , Chrome , Olive , Platinum Lily Titanium Rose and Copper Peach – See Pics – They are insane !!!

Gone are the days where you are limited by being blonde , with these toners you can change up your blonde hair every visit if you wish , the choice is limitless.

I could talk about this all day ! But if you do want a chat about your hair colour , Catwalk offer free hair consultations all you have to do is book on the link below or just give us a call in the Salon on 061 481890 .


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