Frequently asked questions

Will hair extensions damage my hair?

Hair extensions will not damage your hair. However, your hair will require more care than usual when fitted with extensions. We reccomend daily care, along with a little extra care on a weekly basis. We also recommend that you thoroughly inspect your attachments every five to seven weeks, both in order to enable you to enjoy your long hair as long as possible, but also to avoid tangled attachments and unnecessary weat on both the extensions and your natural hair. We also recommend that you use Catwalk's care products that are specifically dormulated for hair with extensions. They are designed to be gentle to both your extensions and your natural hair. You can shop all of our products here. It is also very important that you only attach and remove your hair extensions properly by one of our tream by contacting the salon directly.

What are the best products to use to care for my hair extensions?

To ensure that your natural hair and your extensions mantain their qualities it is important to add both nutrition and moisture regularly. Because hair extensions do not have their own follicles and always lie slightly away from the scalp, they do not share the same natural oils as your own hair. This makes them even more dependant on added moisture and oils to keep from getting too dry and coarse. A dry climate, like that of Ireland and some parts of Europe, also makes our hair dryer, especially during einter months. The two most important products for giving your natural hair and your extensions the care and moisutre they need are a good shampoo & conditioner. Shampoo gives your hair both nutrition and moisture while conditioner seals the hair strand. Using a hair mask 1-2 times a week is also a great way to give your hair that extra moisutre boost. The hair mask, however, does not replace the effect of your conditioner, so always end with a conditioner. There are many different options on the market for hair care products. For those with hair extensions, we recommend Catwalk's own hair care series. It's formulated for use with hair extensions, while maintaining the beauty of your natural hair - plus it smells FANTASTIC! Shop our range here.

How long will my hair extensions last?

Your extensions and their attachment will last longer if you give them a little TLC. Following the care instructions of your products is a good starting point. One great ritual we recommend is running your fingers through your hair once in the morning and once at night. When you go to bed, we recommend braiding your hair to make sure it stays tangle-free. You should also do this when you excercise and when you think your hair may be in any way affected by the weather. We also recommend that you check your permanent extensions withing 5-7 weeks of putting them in. By doing htis you can avoid the risk of too much outgrowth, which can cause the extension to damage your natural hair. Detangling the hair with your fingers or recommended extension brushes on a regular basis also reduces the risk of knots in your hair and extension attachments. The soft bristles of our recommended brushes are gentle and nourishing on your hair and extensions. Chlorine in swimming pools & saltwater will always damage your hair, so we recommend using a swim cap when your hair may be exposed to these conditions. Another tip is to braid your hair or put it up in a high bun to avoid contact with the water.